Our frames

Every pair of Reecy sunglasses have frames made from Italian Mazzucchelli M49 bioacetate. But what does that mean?

So, regular high quality sunglasses are typically made from cellulose acetate which does have a plant based element but uses a chemical based plasticiser to give the frames workability in their manufacture.

Bioacetate uses a similar cellulose plant base for its structure, but utilises plasticisers of vegetable origin. Due to this higher bio-content the frames are then able to completely biodegrade in compost conditions in only 115 days.

In addition to this Reecy sunglasses frames are also compostable. The difference being is biodegradable products will be broken down by microorganisms, but could potentially leave toxic residues, though compostable products will produce a nutrient rich organic material called humus which is essential for future plant growth.

At Reecy we have chosen Mazzucchelli M49 bioacetate not only due to its renowned high quality but also the producers commitment to protecting the environment. The wood pulp used to make the cellulose is cultivated and harvested according to the guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council.

Our lenses

We use Tritan Renew sustainable copolyester lenses in all of our Reecy sunglasses. They are made via polyester renewal technology that transforms hard-to-recycle single use waste into its building blocks to produce high quality durable lenses, offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse emissions.

Our pouches

Every pair of Reecy’s comes with its own protective cleaning pouch which is made from recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) generally found as water bottles.

Our cases

Every pair of Reecy’s comes in a protective hard renewable bamboo case. Bamboo is a strong, but lightweight fast growing fibrous plant. Because of this it is also biodegradable.

Our packaging

All online orders are shipped in brown cardboard mailing boxes with hex wrap padding and compostable packing tape and shipping labels. 


The quality of our Reecy’s need to be seen to be believed. These are no flimsy plastic sunglasses, we hope that they will be loved by you for many years to come and at the end of their useful life leave as little trace as possible.