Circular fashion. What is it and why is it the future of fashion?

Circular fashion. What is it and why is it the future of fashion?

Circular fashion is an approach to fashion that seeks to create a closed-loop system where waste is minimized and materials are continually reused or recycled. It works by focusing on the entire lifecycle of a garment or accessory, from design to production to use and disposal.

In circular fashion, the goal is to reduce the amount of waste and pollution that is generated by the fashion industry by creating products that can be easily disassembled and recycled or upcycled into new products. This is accomplished by using sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, hemp, or recycled polyester, that can be recycled or biodegraded at the end of their useful life, such as our M49 Mazzucchelli bioacetate.

Circular fashion also involves a shift in the business model of fashion companies, from the traditional "take-make-waste" model to a more sustainable and circular approach. This means designing products with longevity in mind, encouraging consumers to repair and reuse their clothing, and incorporating circular economy principles into the production and supply chain. At Reecy we had the earth in mind from the outset, we never wanted to blindly produce products without considering where they came from, who made them and where they’ll end up.

Examples of circular fashion initiatives include clothing rental services, secondhand clothing markets, and clothing swaps, where consumers can exchange or donate their used clothing to be repurposed or recycled. Fashion brands are also exploring innovative solutions, such as using 3D printing technology to create customizable and on-demand clothing, reducing waste and overproduction.

Our Reecy favourite circular fashion sources include:

- The Village Markets here on the Gold Coast, especially their legendary Rack Sales. Visit every 1st and 3rd Sunday at Burleigh Heads State School

- Depop - your one stop shop for pre loved fashion. Avoid landfill and keep fashion cycling through the ages.

- The Harmonic - a beautifully curated selection of pre loved designer fashion and accessories

- Little Loves - the most wonderful collection of childrens clothing, toys and furniture, especially their Reloved collection. All your designer kids preloved goodness in one spot, just be quick as items sell fast!

- Vestiaire Collective - a fountain of gently loved designer goods. We love ourselves a fabulous vintage handbag

- The Real Real - another international mega store of all things pre loved designer. Just watch those import fees!

- The many and varied Buy, Swap and Sell groups on Facebook. Reecy faves include Lucy Folk, Alemais, Zimmermann and Innika Choo.

Overall, circular fashion is a holistic and sustainable approach to fashion that aims to reduce waste, protect the environment, and promote a more responsible and ethical fashion industry. Also it just gives a damn!

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